Today's  competitive   work  environment  demands  that  an   individual possesses good interpersonal skills, leadership qualities creative thinking and negotiation abilitie. The Department of English seeks to fulfill this need  through  an  activity based course work which  includes  group activities and presentation. The objective of this exercise is to sharpen their communicative skills and equip them with necessary confidence to successfully interact through excellent conversation skill acquired from three years of training and practice. We follow an innovative teaching methodology   which   comprises   workshops,   seminars   and   personality development camps .
Smt. M.Shyla Madona M.A,M.Phil  - Assoc. Professor & HOD
Smt. Francis Zelma Queenie M.A,M.Phll - Assoc. Professor
Dr. V. Mathew M.A, B.Ed, Ph. D, P.G.D.P.C. - Assoc. Professor
A team of devoted and committed staff of the Dept. of English work with a vision to build up a generation of young men and women capable of building up healthy interpersonal relationship through excellent communication acquired through language   based and personality oriented   training   and   practice
I    BA/ B.Sc / B.Com.         - 230
II   BA/  B.Sc. / B.Com.       - 230
More than ever before the technology based developing world has  realized the importance of English language and its effective use which is an invariable factor co existent with the successful management of administrative and technological setup. We wish to be the trendsetters in launching an effective teaching methodology which is conducive to the fast  paced developing work oriented world.

Department of Malayalam
It was under the leadership of Prof. George Thomas, the famous Malayalam poet the department of Malayalam started functioning in 1964, in 1968 Prof. T V John, in 1980 Sri. A. T. Senpillai, in 1981 Sri P N Vishnuradhan and in 1989 Sri. P A Dominic joined the Department.
 HODs Period
 Prof. George Thomas 1964-1990
 Prof.T.V.John 1990-1998
 Prof.A.T.Sen Pillai 1998-2007
 Prof. P.N. Vishnuradhan 2007-2011
 Prof.P.A. Dominic 2011-

Courses Offered.
The dept. handles classes for students who have opted Malayalam of their second language.
Teaching Faculty / Personal Profile
P A Dominic
 (Assoc. Professor & HOD)
  1. Educational Qualifications 
    DegreeYear of PassingClass/ GradeUniversity
    M A1983Second ClassKerala
    M Phil1993B GradeKerala
  2. Date of Birth : 07-05-1960
  3. Total years of service : 20
  4. Positions Held
    • Programme officer, NSS University of Kerala (1991-2005)
    • Staff Adviser, St.Michaels College
    • Chief supdt of university examinations, St.Michaels college (2009) March............
  5. Training programmes Attended
    • Refresher course conducted by dept. of Higher education, Govt. of kerala (1999)
    • Refresher course conducted by Mahathma Gandhi University (2002)
    • Orientation programme conducted by Academic staff college, university of Kerala (2003)
  6. Awards attained
    • Yuva Prathibha Award
    • POC Award
    • Kerala University award for the best programme officer
    • Kerala university award for the best playwrite in the university drama festival 2007-2008
    • Kerala university award for the second best drama in the university drama festival, 2008-2009, made the script.
  7. Residential Address : Pazhamasseri, Kalavoor P O, Kattor, Alapuzha
  8. Tel Phone: 0478- 2863061
Success rate of students:
Dept. of Malayalam is one of the best department in the college.  This is evident from the university examination results which always showed more than 95% success with a number of first classes and second classes
YearCourseNo.of students attended for Examinations1st Class2nd Class3rd Class
2007 MarchBA62291716
B Com4517917
2008 MarchBA7030297 (......)
B Sc5617249
B Com251167
Seminars and work shops
We are always taking interest to provide our students with a wide range of cultural academic programmes.  Some of the programmes rcently organized by the Department are as follows;

1. Kathakali Demonstration:-
By sri.Kalamandalam Ganeshan (Vesham), Sr. Pandalam Unnikrishnan (Pattu) and Sri.Kalamandalam Sreekumar ( Chenda) conducted on 28th and 29th of January 2009

2. Kavya Kalari
A programme of two modern poets of Malayalam- Sri Sebastian Kottappuram and Sri. Sreekumar Kariad presenting their own poems conducted on 27th of February 2009

3. A lecture on classical concepts of drama by Sri.Aryad Bhargavan (world dramatic study centre) on 30th of January 2009.
4.Chavittu Natakam

Department of Hindi
The  Department of Hindi handles the second language classes for the students of different degree classes who have opted for Hindi. The department has been functioning remarkably well ever since the inception of the college in 1967.
Succession list of Heads of the Department
-From 1967 to 1994
Prof.N. Vasudeva Kamath
-From 1994 to 2001
Dr.K.N.Neelakantan Namboothiri
-2001 onwards
Teaching faculty / Personal Profile
Name of teacher   :Dr.K.N.Neelakantan Namboothiri
Designation:Associate Professor
Residential address:Sreeragam, Kalathy mrkkand,
Maruthorvattom.(P O),Cherthala
Alappuzha (Dist). Pin-688545
Ph No (0478)2813527
Date of Birth13-07-1958
Date of joining in service:12-10-1981
Date of promtion to Lecturer   (sel.Gr.)12-10-1994
Educational Qualifications
1.M.A(Hindi )1981First classCochin University of Science and Technology
2.Ph.d1990        -Cochin University of Science and Technology
3.Post graduate Diploma in Translation,Administration,Drafting and Reporting in Hindi.1981Second classCochin University of Science and Technology
Title of the thesis(ph.D.)Comparative study of trends of modern Hindi
and Malayalam,short-stories.
Additional  qualifications
  1. Kayakalpa yoga course conducted by The World Community Centre,Thiruvaniyoor,Chennai
  2. 1st,2nd and 3rd stages in simplified Kundalini yoga course conducted by The World Community     Centre,Thiruvaniyoor,Chennai
  3. Master course in Kundalini yoga conducted by The World Community Centre,Thiruvaniyoor,Chennai.
Training Programmes / Courses attended
  1.  Orientation course conducted byUGC Academic staff college,University of Kerala from 10-08-1990 to 6-9-1990.
  2. Refresher course conducted by UGC Academic staff college,UniLecture on drama fot theversity of Kerala from 30-07-1993 to 20-8-1993.
  3. Refresher course conducted by UGC Academic staff college,University of Kerala from 20-04-2003 to 16-5-2003
Participation in seminars as Resourse Person
  1. Lecture on Drama for the B.A/B.Sc students of st.joseph's college for women,Alappuzha on 9-11-200
  2. Inaguartion of | Hindi, Fortnighe' on 14.9.2007 -All India Radios,Alappuzha.
  3. Lecture on 'Comparative Literature' for the BA(Hindi) students of S D College,Alappuzha on 17-01-2008
University Examinership
  1. 1. 2nd year BA/B.Sc Degree examination.Part 2 HINDI- paper 3.March  2004,
  2. 2nd year BA/B.Sc Degree examination,March 2005 part 2nd Hindi - Paper 2
  3. 2nd Year BA/B.Sc Degree exam,March 2006,Part 2 Hindi Paper 3rd
Positions Held
  1. Student welfare officer,St.Michael's College,Cherthala-during the academic year 2008-09
  2. Member Bharatiya Sahitya Pratishtan,Dept.of Hindi,Cochin University of Science and Technology
  3. Member ,Board of studies in Hindi,University of Kerala.
  4. Member,Faculty of Oriental studies,University of Kerala.
  5. Master,Poornam SKY (Simplified Kundalini Yoga )Trust,Cherthala,Alappuzha.
Seminars and Workshops conducted by the department(during the academic year 2008-09)
  1. Seminar on 'Modern Hindi Novel' on 23-01-09.Dr.Chithra.N.R.,Lecturer ( )in Hindi,St.Joseph's college for woman,Alappuzha was the resource person in this seminar
  2. Kathakali workshop and demonstration on 28th and 29th January 2009.Famous Kathakali artists  Sri.Kalamandalam Ganesan(Vesham ),Sri.Pandalam Unnikrishnan(Pattu),and Sri.Kalamandalam Sreekumar(Chenda)were the resource persons in the work-shop and demonstration.
3.'Kavya Sayannam ' on 27-2-2009
This programme was organized under the joint auspices of the departments of Hindi and Malayalam.Two post -modern Malayalam poets,Sri Sebastian Kottappuram and Sri.Sreekumar Kariyad presented theirown works in this programme.A discussion on 'modern Poetry'was also arranged in this programme.

Success rate of the Students of Hindi Department.
Accademic Year 2006-07
Sl NoClassNo.of students Appeared for the exam1st class2nd class3rd classTotal No.of Students passedSuccess rate in the exam
2nd B.A
2nd B.Sc
1st B.Com

Sl NoClassNo.of students
Appeared for the exam
1st class2nd class3rd classTotal No.of Students passedSuccess rate in the exam
1.2nd B.A184571689%
2.2nd B.Sc43191394195%
3.1st B.Com22156122100%

Department of Physics
The Physics department in the college started in the year 1967 with two batches each for Pre-Degree First and Second groups. In the year 1980 subsidiary Physics was started for B Sc Chemistry (Main) Degree Course.
The B Sc Physics (Main) Degree Course with Electronics and Mathematics as subsidiaries started in the year 1999 admitting 24 students every year.
Year% PassNo.of First Classes
Academic Luminaries
Sibi K SFirst Rank98.2%2003-04
Revathy SSecond Rank97.6%2005-06
Mary Linsa K SFirst Rank99.8%2006-07

Sri. T J Jameskutty
M.Sc., M.Phil.
Assoc. Professor & HOD
Dr. P A Varughese
M.Sc, M.Phil., Ph.D.
Assoc. Professor
Sri. Raju Xavier
Assoc. Professor

The department of Chemistry had its origin with St. Michael's College in 1967 when it was initiated as a junior college comprising of only Pre - degree courses ( two first group and  two second group batches ). In June 1976, when the college was upgraded with a UG course in Zoology main, with subsidiaries  Chemistry and Botany, then our department became an associate department of Zoology. Since June 1980, the department became independent with the new course in B.Sc. Chemistry main with  subsidiaries Physics and mathematics. The first batch successfully completed the degree course in 1983. To keep pace with the emerging technologies and dynamic changes in the scientific world, and to deliver quality educationand job opportunities  to the youth of our society, M.Sc. Polymer Chemistry has been started from.July 2002.
Prof. K.J. Augustine was the first Head of Department and he expired on 27th December 1991. Prof. V.R. Haridas who was very efficient and dedicated, succeeded him. He retired from St. Michael's College in April 2001. Two of our colleagues, Prof. W.F. Jayamohan and   Prof. M.A. Mathew , who were selfless and conscientious teachers retired in March 1998 and March 2000. Prof. S. Peaceamma took over as the Head of the department from 1st May  2001.  The meritorious services of Prof. V.A. Francis who retired in March  2007 are praiseworthy. Prof. S. Peaceamma , after six years of laudable service  as the Head of the department retired in May 2007.  She was succeeded by Prof. Catherine Morris, the then senior most in the department . The present HOD, Dr. Jose P. Kalloopparambil took charge on 1.6.2010
Our colleague,  Prof. K. J. John was appointed as the Principal of the college from 1 -4 -07 . Since the inception of the college in 1967,  Prof. K. J. John holds the credit of being the first member of the department to be appointed as the  Principal of the college and after one year of selfless service in this post he retired in March  2008.
Course Offered

M.Sc. Polymer Chemistry
The only college affiliated to Kerala University which is offering PG course      in Polymer Chemistry
B. Sc. Chemistry Main
Subsidiaries - Physics and Mathematics
UGC sponsored career oriented Add -
On course in Coir Technology
Certificate course leading to Advanced Diploma
Present Faculty Members
Dr Jose. P. Kalloopparambil M.Sc, Ph.D
- Associate Professor (HOD)
Cherian. J. Kattezham M.Sc
- Associate Professor
K .A. Haridas M.Sc, M.Phil
- Associate Professor
Lester Sebastian M.Sc, M.Phil
- Associate Professor
Dr. P. Manoj M.Sc, M.Phil, Ph.D
- Assistant Professor
Seena Elizabeth George M.Sc, NET
- Assistant Professor
Dr. Pearl Augustine M.Sc, Ph.D
- Assistant Professor
Liya Jose M.Sc, B.Ed, JRF NET
- Assistant Professor
Soumya Salas M.Sc, B.Ed, JRF NET
- Assistant Professor
Present Non Teaching Staff
  1. Sri J Jacob
  2. Sri T.J. Thomas
Former Teachers Of The Department
Sl. No:
Years of service
Prof. K.J. Augustine
1967 - 1991
Prof. V.R. Haridas
1967 - 1997
Prof. W.F. Jayamohan
1968 - 2000
Prof. M.A. Mathew
1968 - 2001,  HOD - (1991 - 2001)
Prof. V.A. Francis
1978 - 2007
Prof. S. Peaceamma
1975 - 2007,   HOD - (2001 - 2007)
Prof. K. J. John
1981 - 2008,  Principal - (2007 - 2008)
Prof. Catherine Morris
1979-2010, HOD - (2008-2010)

Facilties In The Department
Laboratories : There are four full fledged and well equipped laboratories  which altogether can accommodate about 100 students at a time. In addition, there are two balance rooms and a spacious store - room for the chemicals which is always kept well stocked. Each of four labs are self - sufficient in terms of chemicals, apparatus, equipments , gas connection and water supply. At the year end, stock verification is done and the required chemicals and apparatus are purchased at the earliest for the smooth conduct of practical work.
Major equipments and instruments

  • Electronic Balance

  • Spectrophotometer  -Visible Region  

  • Colorimeter -

  • Muffle furnace

  • Abbe Refractometer

  • Polarimeter

  • Digital Potentiometer

  •  Digital conductivity Meter

Library: There is a good departmental library which has a collection of about 1100 books in Chemistry and related subjects.  Moreover, the library prescribes three journals.
Endowments available in the Department
  1. Bishop Michael Arattukulam Episcopal silver jubilee memorial cash prize to the  last semester post graduate student .
  2. Kurusinkal Aniclet Joseph memorial gold medal to the best outgoing student of B.Sc. Chemistry degree class instituted by Prof. K.J. Augustine, former Head of the Department of Chemistry, St. Michael's College with the annual interest on a sum of Rs 5000/- deposited for the purpose.
  3. Mathew Jose Thengumpallil  memorial merit scholarship to the outgoing  B.Sc. Chemistry degree student donated by Smt. Luminamma Mathew, Sel. Gr. Lecturer of this college.
Department of Mathematics
The Department of Mathematics with two teaching faculty has offered laudable service to the Institution since its inception in the year 1967. Though the college does not offer a course with Mathematics as the main subject at the Under Graduate level, it comes as a subsidiary subject for different streams such as B Sc physics, B Sc Chemistry and for BA Economics(Main)
Ms. Luminamma Mathew MSc.
Miss. Maria Theresa Paul MSc
Classes Handled
BSc Physics I and II yr
BSc Chemistry I and II yr
BA Economics I and II yr
Co-curricular activities

Computer training on MS Office, Excel and Power point presentation; benefited by almost 100 students from 1st and 2nd year of Physics, Chemistry and Economics main.
1. Smt Manju M.C.A from Commerce Dept.
2. Smt Sisy P.G.D.C.A, External faculty.
Students' contribution; for computer , one steel alma rah and remuneration for the teachers. Poor students had been given free training.
2007 - 08One day work shop in Hardware Assembling and Maintenance; attended by 64 students from various streams; conducted by 'Logic software solutions' on 07-07-2007.
Extra Curricular Activities
2006 - 07
Family get - together of 1st group students of 1970-'72 had been conducted and an amount of Rs31,000/- was contributed towards the construction of the Library Complex.

Department of Zoology

Zoology Department, the pioneer department of St. Michael's College has certain unique features. The teachers take special initiative to inculcate among the students human values, discipline and motivate them to take part in all extra curricular activities, so that the students of zoology department stand apart as a disciplined, well behaved, vibrant group, who so ever make no disciplinary problems.
Built-up area of the department: 4000 sq. ft
Name of the teaching staff
Experience in Years
Gricy Peter
Assoc. Professor  & HOD
MSc, M.Phil
Annie Jose. K.
Assoc. Professor 
MSc, B.Ed
Natural Science

The programme offered by the department with details.
Level Of Study
Cut-  off marks  at entry level in %
Student Strength
BSc ZoologyUnder Graduate35%30+9
(Marginal increase)
The number of students in the department during the current year
III Bsc28937
Grand Total98
Total No. of Students Registered333433
First Class212123
Second Class867
Third ClassNilNilNil
% of pass889094
Journals / periodicals subscribed by the Department:
The department subscribes a few journals namely; down to earth, a journal of zoological society of Kerala and National Geographic.
The Basic and advanced facilities
  1. A green house with thrust for medicinal plants.
  2. Pisciculture pond
  3. Apiculture equipments.
  4. Vermicompost tank
  5. Four number of Aquarium tanks for rearing Ornamental fishes.
  6. Frog tank
  7. Computer(2 nos)
  8. Overhead Projector
  9. LCD
  10. Kymograph
  11. Chromatographic chamber and amino acid kit.
  12. Equipment for blood analysis
  13. Apparatus for micrometry
  14. Camera Lucida
  15. Advanced trinocular research microscope
  16. Slide projector
  17. SLR Camera with adapter for microphotography
  18. Well- equipped physiology lab
  19. A well set museum with slides, charts, models, invertebrate and vertebrate.
Activities of the "Lapwing Nature club "
The "Lapwing Nature Club" is functioning very actively in this college under the leadership of Department of Zoology. As part of the activity of the club a garden is maintained in the campus. In addition to ornamental plants variety of medicinal plants are take care off.
Seminars Conducted
As a golden feather to the glorious activities of the academic year 2008-09, the department of Zoology organized a National Seminar On "Recent advances in Arboviral Diseases and Control "Sponsored by UGC On 6th & 7th February 2009

Department of Economics
The First Postgraduate Department of St. Michael's College has its humble beginning in 1967 with a Pre-Degree programme in Social Sciences. Later in 1978, the department started a Bachelor Degree in Economics. This programme earned a wide acclaim in a short span of time. The department also expanded its horizon by taking up Master's Programme in Analytical Economics with unique optionals; Econometrics and Industrial Economics. Later in 2001, Semesterisation of the PG course took place and consequently, the scheme was restructured. Today the activities of the department lend an inimitable source of strength for the college.
To become a centre par excellence of learning, unique in experience, value based in approach and pioneering in effort to enriching and fulfilling life.
To facilitate comprehensive and integrated development of individuals especially the downtrodden to be imbibed with righteousness and courage of conviction so effectively to function as social beings.
Faculty Profile

Teaching Experience
P.V. Nirmala
Assoc. Professor & HOD
M.A. , M. Phil.
31 Years
A.B. John Joseph
M.A., M. Phil. 
21 Years
K.G. Thadevoose
Asst. Professor
15 Years
Riju Gregory
Asst. Professor
M.A., M. Phil., UGC NET 
13 Years
Sindhu S. Nair
Asst. Professor
11 Years
M.A. Florence
Asst. Professor       (TF FDP)
M.A., M. Phil., B. Ed., UGC NET
13 Years
AntonyKuriakose P.
Asst. Professor         (TF FDP)
6 Years
Binil K.P. 
Asst. Professor        
2 Years
Abin Albert T.
FIP Substitute
1 Year
Saranya S. Nair
Guest Lecturer
2 Years
Tintumol C.O.
Guest Lecturer          (Statistics)
M. A., B. Ed.
1 Year
Sujeesha K.A.
Guest Lecturer          (History)
M. A., B. Ed.
1 Year
  • B.A. Degree Programme with Economics core, Mathematics & Indian History complementary courses
  • M.A. Analytical Economics with Econometrics & Agricultural Economics as optional subjects
  • Coaching Programmes for
    • National Eligibility Test
    • Competitive Examinations
  • Remedial Coaching programmes in
    • Quantitative Techniques
    • Soft Skills
    • Econometrics
M.A. Economics
BatchFirst classSecond ClassTotal no. of Degrees awardedPercentage  of success
B.A. Economics
BatchNo. ofstudentsregistered*First classSecondClassMain OnlyTotal no. ofDegreesawardedPercentage of success
Quality Improvement Programmes
  • Periodical test papers
  • Performance appraisal
  • Computer training
  • Field work & Study tour
  • Value education programmes
  • Meet the Parent programme
  • Counselling
  • Tutorial system
  • Innovative teaching
  • UGC sponsored coaching programmes
UGC Sponsored Coaching Programmes
Coaching Programmes at Undergraduate Level for SC /ST Students and Students belonging to Minority Communities
  • Remedial Programme in Quantitative Techniques
  • Coaching Programme for Competitive Examinations
  • Soft Skills Development Programme
Coaching Programmes at Postgraduate Level for SC /ST Students and Students belonging to Minority Communities
  • Remedial Programme in Basic Econometrics, ResearchMethodology & Computer Application.
  • Coaching Programme for NET/JRF, SET, IES & Other Competitive Examinations
Collaboration & MoU
MoU with Sree Chithra Thirunal Institute of Medical Science & Technology, Thiruvananthapuram to carry out UGC sponsored major research project 'The Feasibility of User Fee and Insurance in Health Services (A study in the Globalization Context of Kerala)' of Smt. Sindhu S. Nair, Asst. Professor.
Research Activities
UGC sponsored Research Projects
  • Major Project
    Sindhu S. Nair, Asst. Professor, 'The Feasibility of User Fee and Insurance in Health Services (A study in the Globalization Context of Kerala)'. Total Outlay- Rs. 4.262 lakhs. The project has been concluded.
  • Academic Publications
    Sindhu S. Nair, Asst. Professor, 'An Overview of the Health Scenario of Kerala' in 'Kerala's Economic Development - performance and Problems in the Post-Liberalization Period' (2005) edited by Dr. B.A. Prakash, Sage Publication, New Delhi.
  • Sindhu S. Nair, Asst. Professor, 'Quality Improvement in Distance Education' Ed. by Dr. P.P. Ajayakumar, Institute of Distance Education, University of Kerala.
Paper Presentations
  • Florence, M.A., Asst. Professor & Antony Kuriakose, P., Asst. Professor, 'Socio-Economic Impact of Climate Change on Environment with Special Reference to Coastal Ecosystem of Kerala', Paper presented in 'National Seminar on 'Multinationals, Life styles, Climate Change & Economic Crisis' held at Centre for Gandhian Studies, SB College Changanacherry, 4-6, August 2010
  • Florence, M.A., Asst. Professor, 'Fiscal crisis of Kerala', paper presented in 'National Seminar on State Finance & Financial crisis', 8-9, March 2007, Govt. College, Chalakkudy.
  • Riju Gregory, Asst. Professor, 'Political responsibility of safeguarding eco-tourism' in 'National seminar on political science, 27-28, February 2006, S.N. College Cherthala
  • Antony Kuriakose, P., Asst. Professor, 'Predictive Production Models for Nutrient Use Efficiency in Rice', Paper presented in National Symposium on 'Input Use Efficiency in Agriculture-Issues and Strategies', 25-27 November, 2004, Kerala Agricultural University, Thrissur.
The B.Com programme  offered by the College has Electronic Data Processing and Computer Application as its elective.It  is   the most demanded course  owing to its high employability of students. The  zealous and versatile youngsters who wish to pursue higher studies ,viz, MBA, M.Com, LLB, CA, ICWA etc can select this course for developing a successful career.
    1. Mrs Swapna R. M.Com, B. Ed (HOD)
    2. Fr. Xavier K.A. LLM
    3. Dr. Sreedhar P. Nair M.Com, Ph.D
    4. Mr. Hari U. M.Com
    5. Ms Helena Gonsalvez M.Com, B. Ed
Scholarships and Cash Prizes
  • Philomina Devasia,Chokkamthayil memorial scholarship to II degree meritorious student
  • Very Rev Fr.Sebastain LC Presentation merit scholarship for the highest scorer in commerce for the final year
  • Pro.P.J Augustin merit -cum means cash prize instituted by the non-teaching staff of the college to a final year degree student
  • P.L Sextus memorial scholarship to a degree student on merit -cum means basis donated by Smt Lila Sextus
  • Koilparambil Cherianmapilai and Beatrice Cherian Mapilai memorial cash prize to second year degree student from the diocese of alappuzha on the basis of marks obtained in English for the first year University examination.
  • Bishop Michael Arattukulam Episcopal silver jubilee cash prize to one  final year degree student
Infrastructure and Learning Resource
  • Over 500 books(Published after 1990)by Indian & Foreign authors
  • Ten journals are subscribed in the department .
  • A computer laboratory with over 20 computers  with internet facility.
  • All modern audio-visual gadgets are used for handling classes.
Special Features of the Department
  • State level and National seminars are conducted periodically
  • Service of External Resource persons available
  • Remedial coaching programme  for the academically backward
  • Special coaching for the gifted
  • Facilities for providing career guidance and personal counselling
Student centered activities
  1. Industrial and Institutional visits
  2. Participation in Inter Collegiate Commerce Fests conducted by other colleges
  3. Compulsory participation in intellectual competitions
  4. Business related competitions organized by students
  5. Active participation of students in  University , Inter University and National Level Youth Festivals
  6. Study tour

At present the department handles subsidiary Botany for Zoology Main. The department has been producing good results  consistently especiaIly 100% pass from 2003onwards.

Smt. Sophia George M.Sc.                         - Assoc. Professor & HOD

Mr. Augustine N.J  M.A. (Eco), M.P.Ed., UGC JRF (HOD)
  • Athletics
  • Other Games
  • Yoga Classes